Chinami Nakajima was born in 1945 (Showa 20) as the third son of Nihonga artist Kiyoshi Nakajima in the town of Obuse, Nagano prefecture, where many had evacuated to during that time.  In 1969, while attending graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts, Nakajima submitted his work for the first time to the 54th Inten exhibiton , and was selected to exhibit.  He completed his graduate studies at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1971, thereafter participating in numerous public exhibitions and receiving many awards.  In 1992, he was able to realize the completion of the Obuse Museum Chinami Nakajima Hall in his hometown of Obuse, Nagano, and in 2006, he was recognized as an honorable citizen of Obuse.  In 1984, he participated in the formation of Yoko no Kai — a joint effort founded with the goal of exhibiting freely from the constraints of organizations — where he would go on to present his works for a decade.  He became an associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1994, and from 2000-2013, he fostered the next generation of artists in his role as professor.  Since retiring from his post as a professor, he has been named a professor emeritus. In addition, he has worked on the theatrical curtains installed at the Shin Kabuki-za theater in Ginza and the ceiling mural at Fukagawafudou-dou, presenting his work through a number of avenues.  In addition to his life work spent depicting sakura, flower, figures, and toys, he currently incorporates a number of fresh motifs into his paintings.