mariko yoshida


Mariko Yoshida was born in 1969 in Kyoto prefecture.  In 1995, she completed her graduate studies in Nihonga at Kyoto Seika University.  In 1999, she held a solo exhibition at Gallery Maronie in Kyoto. In 2005, she created paintings on fusuma (sliding screens) for Daikakuji temple in Hokkaido.  In 2006, she was included in the 9th Edition of NEXT, which consisted of a group of contemporary artists whose activities centered around Kyoto. In 2009, she exhibited work in the inaugural Kyoto Nihonga Shin Exhibition, held at Museum EKI Kyoto, and in 2012, she was included in the Japan-France Arts Festival at Daikakuji temple in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.  In 2014, she received the Curator’s Award for her piece in the 2nd Ohka-sho, Annual Sakura Exhibition held at Sato Sakura Art Museum in Tokyo. In 2015, she exhibited as part of The Beauty of Rinpa is Alive in Kyoto at The Museum of Kyoto.