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Grand Opening

The Sato Sakura Museum of Art is pleased to announce the launch of our new branch in New York. The Sato Sakura Museum of Art opened its Koriyama museum in the city of Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture in October 2006, and its Tokyo museum in Meguro, Tokyo in March 2012, as specialist art museums offering the opportunity to view contemporary Nihonga.

In August 2017, we made a year of even greater progress by opening a gallery in New York, USA, as a space where even more people can enjoy contemporary Nihonga.

Henceforth, through our activities in Tokyo and New York, we provide people from around the world with the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the wonder and diversity of contemporary Nihonga.

Exhibiting Artists

HAYASHI Jun'ichi, NAKAJIMA Chinami, HIRAMATSU Reiji, DATE Ryo, NAGOYA Takashi, TAKAHASHI Hiroki, KISHIMOTO Hiroki, YOSHIDA Mariko, KONDO Junji, MIYAKO Emi, SOMEYA kaori, OKAWARA Noriko, FUJISHIRO Masaharu, SUTO Kazuyuki

Opening Reception: September 14th, Thursday, 6-8pm



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