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Sato Sakura Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of exhibition, Imagination – Contemporary Nihonga Collection from Sato Sakura Museum. In Japan, the mere mention of owers brings to mind the sakura (cherry blossom), and the people of Japan harbor a deep a ection for this special blossom. Adored throughout Japanese culture, the sakura has appeared in countless pieces of literature and works of art dating back to ancient times.

The sakura’s beauty lies not only in the splendor of its full bloom, but also in the transience of the blossoms, which, once each year, emerge in splendor only to wilt away in an instant — a beauty which countless artists have used metaphorically to capture the human experience of life and death.

Even today, Nihonga artists enamored with the sakura seek to nd new and unique expressions as they create their work, building upon countless artworks portraying the sakura from generations before them.

The works in this exhibit were selected from the Sato Sakura Museum collection, with the central focus being the sakura as depicted in imaginary worlds painted by the artists. In this season where we yearn for the coming of spring, we invite you to experience the colorful world of contemporary Nihonga.


Earlier Event: November 3
Later Event: February 10
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