takashi nagoya


Takashi Nagoya was born in 1978 in Saitama prefecture. In 2003, he entered his work to the 3rd Taisei Sato Award: Public Call Exhibition and won a special award. In the same year, he was chosen as the “13th Scholarship Student” of Sato International Cultural Scholarship Foundation, a scholarship project of Sato Museum. In 2005, he completed his master’s degree at Tokyo University of the Arts (Chinami Nakajima Research Lab). In the same year, he held his solo exhibition, L’espoir, at Ginza Suruga-dai Gallery in Tokyo. In 2006, the work he entered into “Florence Exhibition” sponsored by Setsuryosha Museum, won Bianchi prize. In the same year, he entered one of his paintings to the exhibition, “Aspiring Artists,” held at Obuse Museum (Chinami Nakajima Hall) in Nagano prefecture. In 2008, he visited Florence, Italy, sponsored by Setsuryosha Museum, to create his artwork.  In the next year, 2009, he entered his work in “Setsuryosha Florence Exhibition” held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno. In 2010, he participated in “Exhibition C-DEPOT 2010 Voyage” held at Shun Art Gallery in Shanghai, China. In 2014, he won the 2nd Ohka-sho, Annual Sakura Exhibition held at Sato Sakura Art Museum in Tokyo. His work is in the public collections of Sato Sakura Art Museum and Setsuryosha Museum.