Yōichi Nishino

Yoichi Nishino ’Family in the Forest’ 2006

Yōichi Nishino・西野陽一

Known For: Animal Paintings

Yōichi Nishino’s majestic large-scale paintings depict the vibrant, living worlds of animals inspired by sketches composed while exploring remote tropical islands and underwater biomes around the world, Many of his works stress the great importance of preserving biodiversity across a variety of ecosystems.

Permanent Collections:

Sato Sakura Museum ・ ( 郷さくら美術館 )

Sekisho Art Museum - Shimane Prefecture ・( 石正美術館・島根 )

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery ・( 東京オペラシティ アートギャラリー・東京 )


1954 Born in Kyoto Prefecture

1978 Graduated: Kyoto Fine Arts University - Department of Nihonga Japanese Painting

1978 Exhibition: Kyoto Prefectural Museum

1981 Exhibition: Tokyo Central Museum - ‘Taishō Nihonga Exhibition’(Also exhibited in ‘84,’88,’and ‘92)

1986 Exhibition: ‘Kawabata Ryushi Exhibition’

1986 Exhibition: Kyoto Fine Art and Craft Special Selection Show

1987 Exhibition: ‘Aogaki 21st Century Nihonga Exhibition’(Also exhibited in ‘88, and ‘89)

1989 Award:’Honourable Mention’ Kyoto Nihonga Special Selection Show・Ōmishima Museum of Fine Art 

1992 Exhibition: ‘Inochi Sanka - 100 Masters Nihonga Exhibition’ (Kyoto Prefecture)

1998 Exhibition: ‘Kyoto Shimbun Nihonga Exhibition’

1998 Exhibition: ‘Kyoto Art for Tomorrow ‘98 Exhibition’ (Kyoto Museum of Fine Arts) 

1998 Exhibition: ‘NEXT’(Exhibited every year ‘98 - 2019)

2002 Award: ‘Honourable Mention’ - Kyoto Prefecture Culture Award

2003 Exhibition: ‘Champions of Contemporary Nihonga Exhibition’ (Shizuoka, Ehime, Yamagata, and Tokyo)

2003 Solo Exhibition: ‘Amazon 2003:Yōichi Nishino Solo Exhibition’

2006 Solo Exhibition: ‘Into the Jungle:Yōichi Nishino Solo Exhibition’(Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo)

2010 Currently Independent - (not prescribed to any artist institution)